What determines the durability and strength of the building

November 10, 2022

Widely used reinforced concrete products appeared at the beginning of the last century and became an important component in the construction of strong, reliable and durable structures.

Metal and concrete are unique components that have properties useful for construction. Metal can be easily stretched, but when compressed, its integrity is violated, and concrete, on the contrary, calmly withstands the load, but often collapses without reinforcement inside. In this regard, these two materials perfectly complement each other. Precast reinforced concrete is a find in the construction of bridges, wells, and various buildings.

For the production of reinforced concrete products, a formwork with a built-in frame for the future product made of steel rods - reinforcement is used, and poured with a concrete mixture. Such a unique mixing of concrete and reinforcement allows you to combine the best that is in these materials, while compensating for the shortcomings and complementing each other. All this allows the use of reinforced concrete jumpers as holding elements, ceilings, columns that are subjected to various types of loads.

Application of reinforced concrete products

Each engineering structure has its own range of reinforced concrete products. In modern industrial and civil construction, regardless of the purpose of engineering networks and structures, reinforced concrete products are used in their laying and installation:

  • For civil construction (residential buildings, kindergartens, schools);
  • For industrial construction (buildings of industrial importance, factories, warehouses, workshops, factories, shopping centers, garages);
  • For engineering structures (bridges, railways, wells, water pipelines, sewage).
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The use of such building material is an essential condition for durability. That is why the design and construction of the sewage system, drinking water supply system, includes such an important element as sewer rings.

Various types of reinforced concrete products are used in the construction industry, based on the scope of application, specific installation task and project requirements. Foundation blocks are mainly used for arranging the foundation. The foundation blocks are mounted on a cement mortar, flush, in several rows.

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